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The BEA accepts deposits of new strains of microalgae and cyanobacteria with unique characteristics from fresh, brackish, marine and hypersaline water environments, as well as from terrestrial environments. Such strains may be taxonomically important as type material or may be hard to obtain and grow, or they may exhibit unique physiological and/or biochemical features, such as having been isolated in an extreme environment or having been useful to industrial research (food, cosmetics, nutraceutical or aquaculture industries or the like).

The strains must be viable in the collection via subculture in liquid and/or solid media (agar).

The strains must be identified at the species level by a taxonomical authority and must be free from fungi, protozoa or other microalgae or cyanobacteria. The depositor must provide information regarding:

  1. Its taxonomical identification (taxonomical identifier, proposed taxonomical description, etc.)
  2.  Where it was found (place, date, collector,etc.)
  3. The characteristics of its habitat (temperature, pH, conductivity,ā€¦)
  4. Its toxicity or dangers to health or the environment
  5. Culture and care conditions (temperature, radiation, culture media, etc.)

All of this information must be provided on the algae deposit request form.

All of the strains sent for deposit must be in a liquid or agar culture. The minimum number of replicas to be supplied for deposit is five. The microalgae and cyanobacteria cultures must contain a minimum of 102 to 104 cells per milliliter.

The strains will be assigned a temporary reference number until the viability analysis is complete. This analysis consists of growing several subcultures of the strains in the proposed culture medium. The average time required for this viability analysis is from 7 to 35 days, depending on the strains.

If after this time the cultures retain their quality, that is, they are still unialgal, exhibit no contamination from fungi or protozoa and are growing properly, the depositor will be informed of the acceptance of the strain deposit, which will then be assigned a permanent code in the BEA catalog and be made available to the public.

To request this service download and fill out the following PDF FORM (STRAIN DEPOSIT FORM [BEA_DF1) and send it to

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