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Direction and Management

Antera Martel Quintana

Scientific Director and BEA curator

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE: PhD IN Marine Science, Master in Applied Algology.

Experience in biotechnology, physiology, cultivation and conservation of biodiversity of microalgae and cyanobacteria.

Juan Luis GĆ³mez Pinchetti

Scientific Director and Responsible for the Cultivation and Biotechnology Unit.

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE: Senior Lecturer and the Dpt. of Biology ā€“ ULPGC. PhD in Marine Sciences and Master in Applied Algology.

Expertise in algal biotechnology, physiology and cultivation, integrated aquaculture and biomass uses and applications

Corina Moya FalcĆ³n

foto corina blanco y negro


DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor in Marine Sciences PhD in Aquaculture.

Expertise in Project management in the algal biotechnology sector, developing microalgae culture techniques and microalgae- based products.

Elena LĆ³pez Santana

Assistant to Manager & Administrative technician

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE: Superior Administrative technician.

Experience in administrative management of research Projects, researcher orders purchases and documentation management.

Physiology and culture collection

Emilio Soler OnĆ­s

Researcher at BEA collection. inv

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor in Marine Sciences.

Research experience in the field of taxonomy of red algae, cyanobacteria and diatoms continental. Scientific photography and divulgation. Currently developing his doctoral thesis.

Virginia Cruz Ɓlamo

Technician in isolation, maintenance and supplies at BEA collection.

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE: Technical Degree in Environmental Chemistry.

Experience in isolation, characterization, purification, maintenance and cultivation of algae.

Moneiba SuƔrez Lozano

Technician at BEA collection.

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE: Aquaculture technician

Experience in maintenance, cultivation, scaling up and production of microalgae and cyanobacteria.

Alicia Ojeda RodrĆ­guez

External Senior researcher. Taxonomist. Expert in diatoms and dinoflagellates.

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor in Biology. PhD in Marine Science

Extensive experience in the field of biological oceanography, taxonomy and ecology of marine diatoms and dinoflagellates.

Eduvigis Rodriguez Coello

Technician in isolation, maintenance and supplies at BEA collection

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor in Biotechnology. Master in "Sustainable management of marine and coastal systemsā€. Experience in isolation, characterization, purification, maintenance and cultivation of algae.

Flow cytometry and biotechnology

Carlos Almeida PeƱa

Head Scientist of the Flow Cytometry Unit

Expertise in Flow Cytometry and Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorter (FACS), biotechnology, physiology and oceanography.

Fernando GuzmƔn Rodrƭguez

Technicial production of algal biomass and flow cytometry.

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE: Higher Technical bioexperimental laboratory

Experience in algae culture techniques and processing. Flow cytometry and cell sorting. Equipment and systems development and management.

Ɓgueda Angulo Montesdeoca

Technician for microalgae and cyanobacteria cultivation and production.

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE: Technician in Aquaculture, specialist in microalgae and cyanobacteria cultivation.

Expertise in algae culture and biomass production at laboratory and pilot plant scales (photobioreactors and raceways).

Mireia SƔnchez Humayor

Technician culture unit

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE:Senior Engineer at Informatica, specialty in Management, and Degree in Marine Sciences, specialty in Living Resources.
Experience in cultures of cyanobacteria,microalgae,seaweeds, diatoms, and dinoflagellates at laboratory and pilot scale, and data treatment.

Molecular taxonomy

Carolina PĆ©rez Reyes

Head Scientist of the Molecular Biology and Bioactives Unit.

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE: PhD at Universidad de La Laguna. Diploma in Biology Sciences. Specialization in Molecular Biology.

Experience in natural products research, DNA taxonomy and phylogenetics studies of microalgae.

Noelia Robles AntĆ³n

Technical and molecular extraction

DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE:Technical degree in environmental health,Technical degree in quality control testing and analytical laboratory
     Experience in both organic and inorganic chemistry. Extraction, quantification and purification methods of natural products for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Trained in a wide range of laboratory techniques.

MIRACLES project

Yolanda Garcia Fernandez

Bachelor MIRACLES project
DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE:Degree in Marine Sciences, Posgraduate Specialisation in Aquaculture, Master in Marine Cultures.
  Experience in in algae culture, integrated aquaculture systems, uses and applications biomass produced and submarine bioprospecting

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