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Area of research whose ultimate goal is to develop new agro-industrial activity in the Canaries, namely “MARINE AGRONOMY, the cultivation and industrial exploitation of marine plant life, primarily ALGAE.” This area includes:

▪   Developing the technology for the production of micro- and macroalgae.

▪   Cultivating macro- and microalgae to diversify single-specimen cultivation and profit from the advantages offered by the Canaries (sun, water and temperature) as a non-polluting technology.

▪   Developing an algae bioindustry to produce high-value biomedical metabolites (pigments and bioantioxidants, fluorescent markers, polyunsaturated fatty acids).

▪   Developing of an algae bioindustry for thalassotherapy, skin cosmetics and nutrition based on the development of products such as wraps and masks, bath salts or algal capsules and extracts.

▪   Developing an ecological algae bioindustry to produce agricultural biostimulants suitable for ecological agriculture (liquid extracts for foliar application, semisolid extracts for soil application).


Culture Collections (BANAL) (GAA) 

To develop and consolidate the BEA as an international depository for the storage, preservation and activation of microalgal, cyanobacterial and macroalgal strains so as to service the scientific and business community. This is possible by adhering to the stipulations established by the WFCC for the establishment, operation and management of microorganism culture collections and by incorporating new techniques, such as molecular taxonomy, flow cytometry and cryopreservation to preserve strains of aquatic species, to traditional work methods.


Integrated and Ecological Marine Cultures. Area that relates the cultivation of algae and halophytes to the effluents of fish farms (rich in ammonium) and water treatment facilities in order to reduce their environmental impact and diversify the production of marine species.

HYDROTHERAPY and thalassotherapy (HIDROTAL) (GAA) 

Line focused on the development and evaluation of bio-algae for thalassotherapy Dermocosmetics AND DIETARY based on the development of products such as wraps and masks, bath salts or algae capsules. 

Biological Oceanography (OB) (GOB) 

  • FRONTS project "Dynamics, Interaction and Biological Effects of filaments, eddies and wakes" 
  • CANIGO Project "Canary Islands, Azores, Gibraltar Observations" 
  • "Carbon System Study between upwelling and ocean waters of the Canary Current" 
  • "Carbon flow in the region Canaria: Costa-Ocean Coupling" 
  • OASIS project "Integrated Systems Oceanic Islands" 
  • ICEP project "Factors of loss, impacts of zooplankton, respiration, and mass balances" (ICEP Antarctic Campaign 2005 - 29/01 - 26/02) 
  • "Evaluation of techniques" in vitro "estimates of respiration in aquatic communities" (CICYT) 
  • "Roda" (Ministry of Education and Science: 2004-2007) 
  • "EUROCEANS - Network of Excellence" (EU - MAST VI: 2005-2007) 


  • Mesopelagic project "Migration and Structure of the Pelagic Ocean Systems in Water Canary Islands" 
  • Pelagic Project "pelagic waters of the Canary Islands" 


"Determination of Secondary Production by Zooplankton Citofluorimetría Flow Techniques

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