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Class: Chlorophyceae
Banco de cepas Banco de cepas

BEA 0001
Dunaliella salina

150,00 €
    Geographic origin: Spain, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Tenefé Saltworks. Pozo Izquierdo.
    Habitat: Hypersaline
    Coordinates: 27º48'53",-15º25'20"
    Collector: J. L. Gómez Pinchetti [1992-04-13]
    Isolator: Juan Luis Gómez Pinchetti; BEA team [01/01/2011]
    Depositor: Juan Luis Gómez-Pinchetti
    Axenic: Yes
    Type culture: No
    Medium: ASP-12 + 2xNaCl
    References: uan Luis G?mez-Pinchetti, Ziyadin Ramazanov, Agust?n Fontes & Guillermo Garc?a-Reina (1992). Journal of Applied Phycology, March 1992, 4(1):11-15); Mendoza Guzm?n, H?ctor Salvador; Martel, A.; Oleic acid is the main fatty acid related with carotenogenesis in "Dunaliella salina" (1999)Jim?nez del R?o, Miguel; Garc?a Reina, Guillermo. Journal of Applied Phycology -ISSN 0921-8971, Vol. 11 (1999); p. 15-19


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